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DC Power Battery connector

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  • DC Power Battery connector

    Anyone know if it is possible to get DC Power Battery connectors for iPad's??


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    Yes you can get some models off aliexpress, I just made my own though, the mini batteries are easy enough, you just literally cut the cable off an old battery and scrape the coating off in one place on each side, one side is positive and the other side of the flex it negative. The air etc is a pain in the ass as you need to remove the balance board from the battery and dremel it down to a decent size.


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      Thanks very much crea2k

      I was thinking they were not been made at all??

      the idea also came to me of using old battery's connectors but not have any around

      Also the time to make them up I say could would take up a lot of time and maybe drive me insane ??

      I did a search on google but nothing showed up for them

      I would appreciate it very much if you still had a link to the location you bought them To have them would be very useful like the iPhone's ones

      Thank You

      Happy New Year


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        Try VIPprogrammer, eBay or aliexpress, I'm not sure where my came from tbh. To make them up takes less than 5 mins. I just buy a cheap squid cable and chop off all the old phones you never see and solder on whatever you like. You can buy used batteries off eBay sometimes or really garbage cheap ones to use the cable off.


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          iPad minis use the iPhone 5 battery connector on your regular DC power supply cable--just make sure the pos/neg leads match the board pos/neg, you may have to switch them at DCPS. For any other ipad just alligator clamp to the board, apply a piece of kapton tape so that the pos alligator clamp doesn't touch the battery connector frame.


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            Yer the alligator clips is what I tend to use, iv got the battery clamp but it takes longer to shoehorn that under the board that just hooking to aligator clips


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              Thanks crea2k and Jessa. creak2k I would never buy used batteries they are too dangerous. I find that the majority of customers do not know that they are until you explain it to them

              I seen quite a few explode and catch fire

              If I am doing a repair I will always check the wear and tear of a battery before handing back the phone. If it is not in good condition I will advice them to replace it

              They are not left on airlines planes has far has i am aware since the Samsung Batteries blow up on a plane

              This is a small video I put together for customers to show the effects of what battery's can do



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                ha ha you're missing the point, you're using the used batteries to make an ipad power lead with for the power supply, not fitting them to an ipad, if you really want to ,you can buy a brand new battery and do it, but I thought it would be a bit of a waste that was all.


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                  No I not missing the point. I knew what you meant why to get the old batteries to use the leads. But I not go out and buy old because they are

                  so DANGOUS

                  no where I said anything about fitting old batteries i said the opposite I would say when I advice customers to replace faulty batteries with new ones

                  i think best if I not make any more post or comments has I really do not think it is very nice to be laughing at once comments and especially taking comments I make has comments I not make at all

                  thank you
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                    You posted a question about dc power battery connectors though?, so I answered it on where to get such connectors....

                    Used lithium batteries arnt danagerous at all, a flat lithium battery is no more dangerous than a piece of paper. Iv got hundreds of used batteries kicking around and none of them have ever been a problem, the only time you'd have issues if you tried to charge a puffed up battery.

                    i build ebikes as a hobby and deal with waaaay bigger batteries than phones and iv got some old batteries the size of house bricks that are a bit puffed up that have been sat in my shed for about 2 years or more and the shed is still there. Lithium batteries don't just spontaneously combust unless you do something to them to make them, e.g charge them too fast, get them too hot, stab them with something when they are charged. Or pull too much current from them at once.

                    iv been fixing phones for 6 years and have taken countless cables off batteries to use with dtps and not once have I ever had any problems at all, just pull it off, don't go cutting it off, that way positive and negative will never cross paths.