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No iCloud Lock Discussion

There is no legitimate, feasible, solution for iCloud lock. We believe that iCloud lock is a GOOD THING overall and reduces theft. Any posts asking about circumventing iCloud lock will be deleted.
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Windows on a Mac

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  • Windows on a Mac

    This is one way to run windows on a Mac

    Hope it is of help has many people ask the question will the software run in a Mac. If it does not this is a way of over coming it

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    You can also use wine, vmplayer etc too


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      I said it was one way?? @creak2K so I agree with you

      You can and also VMware the best if you could afford it which you can build Virtual Machines (VM) then you can install any operation system (OS) you like including Linux depending on your hardware (CPU , Memory and storage)

      This is the way most large business operate where they then access a server where all important data is stored. Then no important information on workers PC -- Security very important in this day and age??

      You see all the hacking going on out there?? You can never have enough of security in place from the Black Hats (Hackers)

      For me Boot Camp is the best of the free applications to install windows on a MAC

      Virtual Box is another where again install Victual Machines (VM)

      This is an Oracle system and it is very powerful Virtualization product Best of all it is free

      Virtualization is the way thinks are going now for most large companies and has for many years

      Maybe some useless information