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There is no legitimate, feasible, solution for iCloud lock. We believe that iCloud lock is a GOOD THING overall and reduces theft. Any posts asking about circumventing iCloud lock will be deleted.
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Hot air Station

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  • Hot air Station

    I find changing the nozzles on the Quick Hot Air station very difficult?? They become part of the gun after using the station

    Does other people have this issue when replacing the nozzles on a Hot Air Station??

    I see on the JCB than they have a special tool on the top of the station which is used to remove the nozzles

    the Quick has a tool the shape of a spanner but this not work at all.

    You need something like the one on the JCB which grips

    the nozzle so you can then pull the gun away from the nozzle

    Can one be got for the Quick
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    I have a different station and have the same problem, so have a set of large mouth pliers on the bench for that. TBH I virtually never change the nozzle, I use the same one for pretty much everything and just use cut up bits of copper sheet as heat shields. I use the pliers more for changing my soldering iron tips than anything else.


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      I solder on top of silicone baking mats, so I just grab the corner of the mat and use it like an oven mitt to pull off hot air nozzles when they are hot.


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        I like you silicone baking mat Jessa I think it is a great idea for soldering

        No way could I i remove the nozzle hot or cold from the QUICK 861DA. It took me a few days before I got it off. I tried screwdrivers the spanner that came with the station, pliers, vice grips etc, but could not remove it.

        It was not only myself that could not remove the nozzle I went to a friend of mine who has much stronger hands then I . He eventually got it off after about an hour. Also I see a review on YouTube about the station and he came out about how difficult the nozzles are to remove. Also a person in another forum who also had the Quick said the same

        To overcome this issue there are notches on the end of the nozzles which are causing the problem Once the nozzles are fitted to the gun they just grip to the inside of the gun and then very very very very difficult to remove them

        So I removed these notches from all three nozzels that came with the station with a grinder and now I have no problem removing the nozzles when it is either hot or cold

        I also had nozzles from another Hot Air Station which has screws to tighten the nozzles to the gun. They fitted on the QUICK 861DA no problem and I was able to remove them with no issues either

        So maybe an idea for the designers of the Quick QUICK 861DA. to design the nozzels using the screw method

        It would make life much more easier if they had.

        You have to be able to change nozzles when working on boards has you could need a different size nozzle depending on the work.

        See the three attached diagrams which solved the problem for me