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Ultrasonic Cleaner

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  • Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Looking to build my repair equipment

    Could I get some input into Ultrasonic Cleaners that would be good enough for logic boards cleaning??

    Would I have to go up to this type of cleaner to do the job correctlyor would a less costly one do the job


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    Not sure if it's cheaper now but at the time I got mine shipped directly from crest in the usa


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      I like my crest a lot, but it was really pricey. used to sell a sweep-frequency UC that is much more affordable, but I don't know anyone personally who has used it or can vouch for its quality compared to a crest.


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        Our Crest has certainly made more money than any other piece of equipment in our lab (and there's a lot of equipment in there!). I never researched any of the competing sweep frequency models, so I can't speak to them. We also did not pay $1500 for the Crest. It never makes sense to buy a piece of equipment unless you are sure that you can get back a ROI after investing. You might want to try one of the other sweep frequency heated models. Just because we never tried them doesn't mean they aren't good.


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          Thanks very much all

          This type of money would be beyond my budget has also investing in a new microscope new soldering unit (have the Hakko FX-888D but looking to buy the Hakko FM203) Have the Quick Hot Air Station Went for it after Jessa video on it and find it excellent

          Still there is no point buying a cleaner that does not do the job correctly and you end up with a board worst off then before you cleaned it.

          I am just getting into logic board repair on mobile phones which is a area I am very interested in getting stuck into has I very much like debugging faults. down to board level. Get a great trill of finding a fault
          and find it by logic steps. It is then you are getting to know how the board works

          I would think I not bad at fault finding and going from a board layout to schematics and tracing signals. I been at this for 20 years but no way on such small boards like mobile phones. Where I am really falling back in this type of repair is the micro soldering. Not done it before.

          Up to now have been doing normal work on all mobile phones , PC, Laptops, TV. networks and virtualization etc

          Always want to learn in this area and seek new information since a very young age (maybe from 5 years of age)

          I also be very interested in getting second hand good test equipment that people may now have up-grated to newer equipment but still the second hand are good enough for a person starting to work on mobile phone logic boards So if anyone has do send me a PM (private message) and maybe we can do business

          Only a few months ago I thought these boards once faulty that that was it until I came across Jessa videos

          I am amazed they can work on such tiny components. Even to take off a cap. OK to see them under a microscope but you barely see them with your own eyes So how they take a new one and fit them to a board without them flying across the the work bench I not know??

          Do apple use Robots to put these logic boards together??

          In my view Jessa and Chris Long are amazing in this type of work


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            They use pick and place machines with solder paste I would imagine.


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              If you are in UK these guys make good cheep(ish) machines they also sell parts to the machines (fyi i have no ties just struggled to find a decent machine in uk). i bought the 10ltr and was inpressed with quality.


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                Thanks for the link Shrimple Pibbles. I checked but could not see any sweep frequency model?? Is yours a sweep frequency model??


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                  This one has sweep function :

                  iv not idea what it's like as I imported a Crest the same as Jessas, but the spec on the above looks to be ok.


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                    No i don't think they have a "sweep" function, i will say the machine sounds like it has a sound pattern (go's up and down in sound) if that's relevant lol (probably just osculating power cycles). All the other "cheaper" unbranded generic cleaners i have seen have had a solid mono tone "hum" to them (very shrill and constant). I will have to check with them as i plan to buy more for my other shops to how important it really is to the cleaning process.
                    I have to admit that when researching buying these the sweep frequency wasn't high on my list of priorities (money wise). I mite be wrong but from what i have read they are overlapped frequencies giving a more "consistent" clean. I thought at first they would sweep from i.e 40khz to 50khz and back.That's the impression i got from advertising but when reading the spec sheets i couldn't find any mention of dual oscillators or a frequency charts showing the "sweep" feature, im still unsure on how its more "consistent" .

                    I only went with that company as they are uk based,they only ever sold ultrasonic cleaners (usually a good sign), they sell spares and the oscillators they use are of high quality. I wanted to be able to survice it after the warranty period to and there after sales support is good.
                    We don't have crest in the uk so if i imported and it broke it would be difficult to fix/send back/warranty.
                    If you can't afford the branded versions just make sure the company making the machines actually specialise in that field and are not just a rebranded generic chinese machine because the chances are there will be cheaper parts used.
                    Maybe a 2nd a hand one is the way to go? or just get the best you can and build slowly, you don't have to have the best right off the bat


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                      Different components oscillate at different frequencies, frequency sweeping cleaners will clean better than not sweeping. Also if you are constantly driving one continual frequency into a board you're most probably going to break something, that's why a lot of people will say not to use the constant frequency cleaners intentended for jewellery etc.


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                        I get the idea behind the theory but coming from a audio engineering background any "Sweep" frequencies are accompanied buy a simple data chart showing the ranges, When i checked crest it just says 45khz and 132 khz, stating a 3khz sweep with overlapping frequencies with no data sheet on phase cancellation,power,frequencies,time delay etc just made me suspicious it was marketing.
                        Im sure its better to have it than to not but its just as important to have a good quality machine intended for delicate items like boards. Its a shame there's no uk outlet for crest as they look like really quality machines.

                        On a side note, the one i bought interestingly has the symbol for a sweep chart as the buttons? will contact on monday as im interested to see why if it has that feat they would not state it.


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                          Crest ship to the uk too, I imported mine, have the same model Louis & Jessa have, the big one you can fit a MacBook board in.


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                            Yes I think these worth looking at. I noticed that some had different power (watts) then others. Maybe the once with the higher wattage do a better job??


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                              Generally the higher wattage use a larger capacity tank. As the more water in the tank the more watts you need to clean.