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No iCloud Lock Discussion

There is no legitimate, feasible, solution for iCloud lock. We believe that iCloud lock is a GOOD THING overall and reduces theft. Any posts asking about circumventing iCloud lock will be deleted.
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iPhone 6s stuck on apple logo

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    Trying to remember what exactly it says when iTunes can't find the nand. In the log it mentions storage or something like that, I think it's something like storage not found or somthing.
    if you try 3utools it basically tells you to a certain extent what it's doing. I'm pretty sure this is basebaseband cpu or power to it related.


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      6s error 9 is one of those faults that I hand right back. In our experience it is always NAND—the NAND can’t identify itself. 3utools calls a lot of things error -1, the 3utools errors don’t always match the iTunes errors


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        Thanks Jessa

        This is the first time I have not seen iTunes not to show an error. I had to go to the log file to see the error 9??

        In a Chris Long video about an 6 Plus at 15:30 into the video he speaks about the 6s series that you cannot erase and program the NAND and you have to swap it with an NAND that does not have any issue.

        If he is correct in this could you buy an NAND for an iPhone 6s and replace the faulty one with it?? Also if true why cannot you erase and program them in the 6s series??

        In the video he first checks an EPROM. Has the iPhone 6s an EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory)???. I cannot understand why you have an EPROM and an NAND separate. I would be thinking the EPROM would be internal to the NAND

        Jessa I would appreciate you feedback on if this iPhone has any hope of repair and if so the procedure to go about it

        Finally could in your experience what would you think that may have caused this fault to occur

        Thank You


        • crea2k
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          Yes you can swap the nand but you need to make sure you backup the serial, imei, wifi, Bluetooth address, board id first and write this to the new nand or it won't activate. Gone are the days where you could just slap any old nand on and have it activate, it needs to be programmed with the same info or won't activate.
          Also the nand on a 6 series and below is different to 6s and above. 6s and above use pcie flash storage. As long as you have a programmer though for each you can swap nands and have it activate fine.
          I think that video was when iOS 11 first came out before chris knew what exactly needed copying off the old nand, as if it's wrong it won't work.

          The eeprom has the imei stored in it.

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        Just a follow up

        Did anyone uses the application iCareFone to fix IOS on apple loop

        I did tried with this iPhone but again not work

        Has Hardware anyway would not be able to do so


        • crea2k
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          That software can't do any more to repair software than iTunes can.

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        So it is EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) and not a EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory) that stores the IMEI number.??

        Is this the case with all the iPhones??

        Is it a separate chip from the NAND itself?? on the logic boards??