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No iCloud Lock Discussion

There is no legitimate, feasible, solution for iCloud lock. We believe that iCloud lock is a GOOD THING overall and reduces theft. Any posts asking about circumventing iCloud lock will be deleted.
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Iphone 6 not charging

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  • Iphone 6 not charging

    Hey guys and girls.
    anyone had this problem before.
    Iphone 6

    Customer was using it the night before bringing it in, they said it went flat and they pluggd it in over night. Didn't charge
    brought it to me the next morning.

    I confirmed that the phone is not charging at 0 amps.
    first I tried a new battery, it would just go to the apple logo and hang for about 1 to 2 or more minutes then it would restart and do the same thing.
    I noticed there was a short to ground on c1738, I figured it was from a short under tristar.
    I also noticed u1400 had physical damage so I replaced.
    I also replaced tristar.
    the short on c1738 went away after replacing tristar.
    but the phone still does the same thing.
    I have used the dc power supply to see what it is doing. It seems to be booting, but it doesnt.
    I took of u1400 as it is only the vibrator driver chip and I didn't think it is needed.

    I'm out of ideas atm.
    Maybe thinking I didn' put tristar on properly.
    anyone got any ideas ?

    any help or advice is appriciated.
    thanks in advance.

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    Are you sure the constant rebooting hasnt given it a software corruption of some kind ?. Id try a dfu mode restore and see if that fixes it, as iv had them before when even when fixed wont boot until they are wiped.


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      Yes--this is likely software corruption secondary to the hardware defect you found and fixed. Update, and if that doesn't work then restore and make sure you're using known good parts for this. ( Make sure you ultimately put back on their vibe driver since you know you messed it up during shield removal!)


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        I will keep you guys posted


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          Also if he restore fails you can check the update log in the app data folder as that sometimes gives clues to the problem as well as the error code given by iTunes.