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iPhone 6S Water Damaged only 0.075A on DCPS can't find the short :(

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  • iPhone 6S Water Damaged only 0.075A on DCPS can't find the short :(

    This phone arrived with small to no water damage but the customer acknowledged that it got wet.

    The water seals on the board were both fine but it got some water damage around the Speaker amp and after removing it was perfect underneath and tested the area for low readings and shorts as well.

    PP3V0 _NAND had one ugly cap but the readings were fine and voltage as well still repalced
    Also replaced an ugly cap on PP5V7_Meson_AVDDHVAD but the readings were fine before and after.

    Still the only heat I can find when on is at the pmic and or CPU area at 0.075A on DCPS when prompted to boot

    thanks in advance!!!

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    Are all the cpu, gpu, ram voltages there ?, are there any shorts on those lines.


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      Our bias is that we want problems to be “shorts” because shorts are easy to solve. Shorts make heat and produce obvious diode mode reading differences near 0.000 and are often due to a simple single bad component.

      But it just because we “want” the problem to be a short doesn’t mean that the problem IS a short. Short circuits are only part of the equation of what can wrong with a phone. The other parts are open lines, malfunctioning chips that can’t send or receive data, noise on data lines from a bad chip or connection that disrupt communication for all other chips on that line, or simply a lack of data communication because the software instructions are corrupted and the phone doesn’t know what to do.

      In a phone that is consuming low steady current in DC power supply, that implies that the heart is fine—power is fine. But there is a brain problem—data communications or instructions.

      If youve solved obvious physical damage, the next step is to check on software. Can this phone be put into recovery mode and be detected by iTunes? If no—troubleshoot why not. If yes, ask it to restore to give it a fresh set of instructions.


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        Thanks for the quick reply as always Jessa and Crea2K and A Happy New year to everyone on this forum!!!

        I was working today on this phone and checked PP_CPU 0.9V and Ram voltages were present as well but not GPU voltage was 0V but I'f i'm not mistaken this is normal for a dead phone right?

        I tried restoring this phone is always on DFU mode and iTunes gave me Error 4014 and 3u tools said just at the beginning of the flash "Error could not switch from DFU to Recovery Mode"


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          Was phone actually water damaged or not? Do you see any evidence of water on the board or not? If not, then it’s not water damaged at all and that completely changes your thinking.

          If if it wasn’t water damaged then how did it fail? When was it last working? Did it have charging problems? Was it used with a car charger and non-MFI cable? History is a HUGE part of our troubleshooting process.

          If there is no physical damage on the board and it didn’t see water, then you don’t want to go putting heat on the board and replacing chips or caps that “look fishy” on opposite ends of the board. You have to have a reason and that reason starts with history and physical inspection. If it never saw water because the BOARD (not the customer) says it never saw water then that points us toward failure of any chip that contains cpu communication lines.

          What is is the most common insult to non-water damaged phones? Can you look at the schematic and figure out what chips that could be affected by this most common insult that have important cpu cross board communication lines going through them?

          then make a hypothesis how a non-water damaged board can come to not be able to understand it's instructions from the CPU and suggest some possibilities and how can you rule these out?