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There is no legitimate, feasible, solution for iCloud lock. We believe that iCloud lock is a GOOD THING overall and reduces theft. Any posts asking about circumventing iCloud lock will be deleted.
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Iphone X Water Damage Data Recovery

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  • Iphone X Water Damage Data Recovery

    So iv got an X in that has been inside a waterproof housing snorkelling. Its never been opened before and its water damaged, so a fat lot of good that waterproofing is as its only about a month old apparently. Anyway they took it out and realised there was about a teaspoon of sea water inside the housing, the phone worked for a bit, then wouldnt work any more.

    Iv taken it apart and found a short on the barametric pressure sensor 1.8v line and the cap next to it too. Removed those and it has removed the short.

    Plugged it into charge and it starts to charge according to the usb charge meter (no display output), then stops charging.

    I removed some of the soldered shields on the board and didnt realise how low melt the low melt solder that joins the two halves of the board together is, and that started to come apart. Luckily I have a stencil so not a problem. I did notice some of the board half connecting pads are corroded, so good I did split it really. Im just sourcing some lower melt solder paste so I can re ball the halves. I think this stuff was 183C melt i bought.

    Has anyone ever tried plugging in just the top half of the board for data recovery purposes ?, as looking at the schemetic the bottom half just appears to the comms board. All of the vital stuff like nand, cpu, pmic, tristar etc are all on the top half, so just wondering it it would work by itself without having to solder them back together, so may try that in a moment.

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    I doubt it—since 6s and 7 require bbcpu and bbpmic to boot


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      Just looking @ the teardown @
      It says a third spacer pcb is in between. When you and Mark were looking at that X recently did you end up reballing the halves of the board in the end ?. I just wondered if the spacer part came away from the comms board and needed re balling too or if you just need to reball the side that connects to the cpu board ?.


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        We still have that board and I know I bought a stencil but don’t remember where it is. On the board we have the spacer is intact and just the one side needs reball


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          Just makes me wonder if both sides will need reballing only because this side some pads were corroded to hell, so may just take it off anyway as I tried just the one board side and it does nothing, no boot, no power drain or anything.